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A Growing Value Today
Today your website is probably more valuable to you than it was a year ago.  In fact, It is probably more valuable today than it was just yesterday.  That's right, every day we see major changes, acquisitions and advancements taking place right here on the web.

Try Before You Buy
In your new "Website-Venture" why not "Try Before Your Buy"?  There are many things to consider when planning your new "Web Business".  Especially when considering the current resale prices of domain names.  Many premium domain names are selling for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. Some are even being sold for Millions of Dollars and some are even reaching the Billion Dollar mark.  Today most companies wouldn't stand a chance starting a successful website with such an "up-front" expense.

Typical Business Model
The majority of individuals that go into business, Lease an Office or Storefront.  Purchasing a location is usually a devastating expense and unachievable.  Today many of us treat our Online Business the same way.  We are realizing the importance of Good Domain Real Estate and can see the value in a Premium Domain name over a cheap one.  Remember - location, location, location.  Would you "Purchase" Storefront Real Estate in a bad and depressed location just because it is affordable?  Or would you rather "Lease" a Storefront in an excellent and prosperous location?  This can hold value in your Online Business as well.  Your Domain Name can be of significant value to your daily business operation and even beyond.  If you ever decide to sell your business, your Domain Name may play a very important role in the value and appeal of your business to a prospective buyer.

Ask yourself three basic Questions
1) What Domain Name should I choose?
2) How important is the Domain Name for my Business?
3) Is the Domain Name available for "first time" registration?

Our Answers
The answers to questions 1 & 2 are quite simple.  Choose a Domain Name that will Pride your Business, making it easy to remember so it can save you money in advertising expenses.  ie: a long, hard to remember domain name usually needs to be advertised more frequently than one which is short and easy to remember.  Did you ever pass a Billboard with a website advertised on it?  Did you say "I want to visit that website when I get home"?  Did you remember to visit the website when you got home?  Many people do not or cannot remember website address that are advertised over and over.  THAT is a big waste of advertising dollars.  Many reports state that having a good domain name can contribute to the success of your business on the internet.  The answer to question 3 is usually simple... "No".  No the Domain that would be most beneficial to your business is usually NOT available for First Time Registration.  This means your most likely options are to either A) find a less desirable yet affordable domain name which is still available for First Time Registration, or B) Pay a Premium to get the domain name you desire through a resale.

Our Solution
Lease a Premium Domain name with the option to buy* if your business becomes successful.  "Lease Our Dot Com" may be an obvious solution for your web business. Knowing that Premium domain names can sell for prices up towards Millions of dollars, why add this high expense to your "Start-up" venture?  Now you can Lease a domain with an option to buy, leaving you with more money to run your business properly rather than putting you in Debt before you even "open the gate".

How to Begin
If you are serious about starting a successful web business, contact us. We will give you a free telephone consultation and go over options that maybe available to your business. Click Here.

* Not all Domain Name Leases offer the option to buy. Contact us for details. is managed by Website Advertising, Ltd.